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From The Chef

From The Chef

Chi Dynasty has succeeded in distinguishing itself from competitors by delivering upscale Chinese fare to a loyal customer base for over 33 years. Bringing patrons back again and again is their unrivaled menu, fusing together the most traditional Chinese elements with the flare and flavors of New York City’s famed Chinese restaurants. Keeping a competitive edge to an ever-changing scene, Jonathan often travels back to China in order to bring together authentic Chinese influences with contemporary elements.

Chi Dynasty Top Seven Chinese Restaurants in LA

Feast on the sesame chicken, and walnut shrimp at Chi Dynasty, located in Los Feliz. “When you think Chinese food in L.A., you think Chi Dynasty. This has been a favorite for almost 30 years,” said Mar Yvette, editor of Citysearch.com. According to Yvette, one of the most popular dishes on the menu is the Chinese chicken salad. The popularity of the Los Feliz location has led to the recent opening of a Studio City location.

The Weekender

Good news, Studio City: after 27 years of servicing the Los Feliz community with upscale Chinese food, Chi Dynasty is bringing its Chardonnay Shrimp and Tea-Smoked Duck Szechwan to your strip-mall-soaked shores. This might not be the greatest gift ever.

Time Out

Perfect for those nicer occasions, Chi Dynasty compliments LA nightlife with its freshly-prepared Chinese cuisine and warm atmosphere. Open in three locations across the city, Chi Dynasty provides a place perfect for lingering over meals and catching up with friends.